GasCam by Esders GmbH | Technical data

Function of the GasCam®

The system is based on a focal plane array. This means an arrangement of light-sensitive detector elements which can recognise the characteristics of methane emissions on the infrared spectrum. The core of the GasCam® measures the photon flow of this wavelenght at a temperature of only 59° Kelvin. A high-performance laptop computer evaluates the data and creates a false colour image, which is superimposed on a video image in ordert to depict the gas cloud in front of a real background. The transportable device enables the user to detect methane clouds with certainty at a distance of up to 200 metres in real time. Included are a tripod for optimal alignment of the optical system and two lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs, which ensure approximately six hours of operation.

Function of the gas camera