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Making gas clouds visible

The security of natural gas and biogas plants depends very strong on leakage safety. A great hazard are unknown and undetected leaks in natural gas and biogas plants. These gas leaks contains methane, which creates an explosive mixture with ambient air. Moreover, methane is a stronger greenhouse-gas than CO2 (by the factor 25). For this reason, it is very important to find leaks in gas installations quickly and precisely to ensure the security of the plants and save our environment.


Leak detection


With the GasCam® even small leaks are detectable (for example: approx. 5l/h). The big advantage is the short detection time for large plant sections and the fast visual recognition of gas leaks. Because of the weather dependency (especially wind), conventional gas leak detectors are slower and less accurate than the GasCam®.


Complex plant areas

Even complex plant areas are quickly examined with the GasCam®. The precise localization of the gas leak in this picture can be discovered by a further measurement at a second location.

Areas that are difficult to access


Also difficult to access plant areas can be examined by the GasCam® (example: gas pipe in height of 8 meters). The GasCam® has a passive detection system, this is a possibility for measurements against the sky. For the measurement a special background is not required.


Assessment of Ex-zones

Gas spreadings can be visualized with the GasCam®. Therefore Ex-zones can be examined and evaluated. Also the behavior of different blowers can be examined.

Application by examination of biogas plants

  • BiogasLeckage

Because of the rising price of biomass for biogas plants it is very important to run the biogas plant efficiently. Already small leaks in these plants can lead to large loss of gas and affect the economic efficiency enormously. Thus, a regular examination increases the efficiency and prevents predictable losses. Moreover, the security of gas plants will be checked. With the GasCam® it is possible to check leaks in complex plant areas (for example the roofs of the plants) at a distance up to 100m.

GasCam Service

Environmental Protection

By the fact that methane is a stronger greenhouse-gas than CO2 (by the factor 25), it is very important to reduce the gas emission as much as possible. Therefore the GasCam® supports the greenhouse-gas reduction and contributes to environmental protection. In addition to the gas industry, other areas where methane is released are possible applications. These include, in particular, the landfill gas and marsh gas sector.


Methane is a flammable gas and in concentrations between approx. 4.4 and 17.0 per cents by volume very explosive. For this reason it is necessary to localize methane leaks safely and fast to prevent accidents. With the GasCam® it is not only possible to localize gas leaks, but also to visualize gas during work on plants. The supervision simplifies the assessment of the situation and allows to take effective measures faster.

 The staff don’t have to expose themselves to explosive environments as there is the possibility to check leaks within a distance of up to 100m.